How to get in touch with me (a letter from my mom)

Hello to NATALIE’s family & friends!

Natalie leaves Illinois on June 4 to go to Washington, D.C. for her “staging” with the Peace Corps.  She will leave D.C. on June 5 for Costa Rica & will spend 3 months in training, then start her 24 months of work.  Her address during her training is:
                                                Natalie Krusemeier, PCT
                                                Cuerpo de Paz
                                                Apartado Postal 1266-1000
                                                San Jose, Costa Rica
I am enclosing a couple of pages from Peace Corps booklets that explain to family members some of the basics of communication & how important it is to the volunteer.  The “Welcome to Costa Rica” is 59 pages (check out pages 14 and 15) & the “Handbook for Families” is 32 pages (check out pages 28 and 29).  I have these saved in as attachments, so if you are interested in reading either let me know & I will forward to you (  The Peace Corps website is also extremely helpful & informative (
I am so proud of Natalie & excited for her!
I am also worried that she will be so far from home.  Please share this information with other friends & family members & encourage them to send Natalie a card or note every once in a while.
Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how much I will miss her!

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